Saturday, July 21, 2012


"OH LAWD!  Yo dog BIG!
He nice?"

"He can be..."

"Lawd, look at them fools.  I gots five chilrens, and them two the onliest ones scared of a dog.  You believe that?  
What kind of dog is that?"

"He's a Rhodesian Ridgeback..."

"A what?"

"A Rhodesian Ridgeback..."

"Lawd, he big!  How big he gonna get?"

"Well, he's 103 pounds right now, but he's only seven months old, so...."

"OH LAWD!  You hear he say?  He say that dog seven months old!  
Look at them feet!  
Now what kind of dog he is again?"

"A Rhodesian Ridgeback..."

"Well, he sure pretty. But Lawd, he big!"
"Come on you fraidy cats; let's go!"

"But Mama!"

"You see me here pettin' this dog. He sweet.  NOW COME ON!"

"But Mama!"

"I'm fixing to leave they ass...scared of a sweet dog. You believe that?"

"Well, we'll stand over here so your kids can go around..."

"You oughts to just let him off the leash...
I SAID COME ON...and that's the last time I'm gonna say it too!  
You best believe that!  Over an ol' sweet dog... Lawd!
"They ain't no snakes down there is there?"

"No ma'am. I didn't see any..."

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  1. I can visualize this entire conversation. Funny!