Wednesday, January 13, 2016

T-bones and underwear

I was sitting at a stop light behind a city bus this morning. I left enough room between me and the bus for the car in the convenience store parking lot on my right to pull out and turn left beside me. In other words, there was enough room for the guy to fit between the rear of the bus and the front of my truck to make the turn. 

So the guy drove between me and the bus in preparation for the turn. When his front bumper was at the very left corner of my front bumper, I blew my horn. 

He looked at me with disdain and proceeded to become quite animated--middle finger and all--until he was abruptly startled by the 18 wheeler hauling ass in the opposite lane beside mine. 

The middle finger instantly lowered once the guy realized I had stopped him from getting T-boned by a speeding semi truck. The disdain was replaced by thanks and gratitude. 

Completing the left turn, he stopped and rolled down his window. He apologized repeatedly and thanked me profusely. 

The price of a new pair of underwear was certainly cheaper than a T-bone.